We hope to inspire youth and provide a positive collective identity that brings pride to Rhode Island. We seek to build on and sustain the Hip Hop Elements in our state by creating positive outlets for under-served communities.





Project 401 is a community Hip Hop collective based out of Providence Rhode Island that combines high-quality performance art showcases and dynamic youth dance programming. We began to evolve as a bboy/bgirl Hip Hop crew pushing for more positivity in the Rhode Island Hip Hop scene, and have grown into a multi-faceted Hip Hop organization that puts on large Hip Hop-centric events, and runs Hip Hop programming at a variety of Non-profit and community organizations in the State of Rhode Island.


Hip-Hop Culture has been a long standing social justice institution and way of life since its founding, and we use Hip Hop as a vehicle that preserves, historicizes, critiques, challenges, studies, and learns from past and contemporary social movements. Project 401 feels that through this study, we can better move towards a peaceful, equitable, and humane existence, which is our ultimate goal. Through honest and authentic self-expression based on Hip-Hop's four elements (Emceeing/Rapping, Breaking, Deejaying, and Graffiti) and it's often underestimated intellectual penchant, Project 401 helps individuals and communities improve upon their personal and collective critical analysis of the social, political, and economic realities of our changing world. Project 401 feels that this ultimately will help lead to crafting an impactful response and challenge to the seemingly insurmountable results said factors formulate, and will further the amelioration of suffering by all oppressed peoples throughout the world. The indispensable skills and thought processes acquired, refined, and nurtured in safe spaces such as the one Project 401 facilitates, grants Hip-Hop Culture the ability to continue to innovate, (re)assert, and (re)contextualize itself at the forefront of the larger social justice framework.

Meet The Team

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Jose Maldonado

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Bboy Facce, President and founder of Project 401


Visionary, Enforcer and most committed to the cause of establishing a Hip Hop movement in the state of RI. He has a lot of experience as an Event Coordinator and Leader.


Jean Febles

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Bboy Largo, Vice President Member since 2010


Born in Providence, RI

Full of character and charisma, Jean is the 2021 Top Rock Champion. He won this tittle in Puerto Rico after battling some of the best top rockers in PR, bringing the Win back to RI.


Michael Figueroa

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Bboy Figz, Senior VP

Member since 2011


Born in Puerto Rico.

Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion

Uses education as a method to increase health awareness through Hip Hop elements.


What We Do

Youth Programs
We coordinate Hip Hop youth programs with NGO's and schools. The goal is to relay positive social messages to the youth and build a foundation where kids are free to express themselves.
Grassroots Events
We utilize Hip Hop culture to engage with communities and host free weekly dance sessions. We also organize community events that bring the positive art of Hip Hop to communities throughout Rhode Island and the greater New England area.
Community Engagement
We coordinate events by collaborating with local NGOs and artists to showcase the unity, diversity, and traditions of Hip Hop arts. We also perform. 

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Providence, RI

Tel: 401-347-5143

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