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About our Programs

 Project 401 is a grassroots Hip Hop collective whose members and affiliates utilize Hip-Hop Culture to engage with communities and relay positive social messages to youth. We serve as mentors and role-models to inner city youth through our after-school and summer programs in Providence. The group focuses on inspiring younger generations, and the old, to engage in a positive, fun, and healthy lifestyle that brings pride to our communities. The program provides a unique opportunity for students of all ages to be part of a fun, energetic and positive group within or out of their school.

In a Project 401 course, students will learn Art, Music, Dance, Culture through the Principals and Elements of Hip Hop (B-boying and B-Girling, DeeJayin’, MC/Rap, Beatboxing, and graffiti art) the history and knowledge of Hip Hop and how it’s used as a positive form of expression. They will improve their creativity by using the different elements that Hip Hop offers while learning about the history of black and Latino people in the U.S.


Fundamental art skills or concepts that students will gain from this course

Students will primarily be learning how to express themselves in a positive way by exploring the elements of Hip Hop. Through these outlets, students will gain self-awareness and self-knowledge which will improve upon their personal and collective critical analysis of the social, political, and economic realities of our changing world.

The program promotes physical exercise and provides these young people a positive and safe after school option. 
Fun high-level energy exercises will help students explore different body movements with music and rhythm.

Throughout the term, students learn basic dance concepts, foundational 
techniques, and tips in the areas of self-discipline, nutrition, physical activity, and creativity. They will further work on choreography and help coordinate costumes. At the end of each term, approximately 8-10 weeks, Project 401 holds an intramural dance showcase where the students show off what they learned to their peers, teachers, families, and community.

These showcase events will be held in a safe and neutral venue. Parents, family members, and friends are invited to see the students perform. These are Hip Hop sessions where students are able to express themselves, reach their goals and overcome challenges in a confidential and judgment-free environment. This course Improves core strength, balance, and flexibility. Plus, build exercise and movement into their everyday routine. Students will be introduced to digital media and interactive environments to communicate and work collaboratively, including at a distance, to support individual learning and contribute to the learning of others.

Please provide us with your name, the best way to contact you, child's name and age, which session you're registering for (beginner/ advanced) and any other important information we should know about. 

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